Sales Force

Sales agents, how does our service work?

We develop a commercial project suited to your needs and adapted to your goals and budget.

1.- We select and recruit sales professionals with a broad experience in their field and a commercial attitude/approach, dedicated to serving the public as well as focused on achieving planned goals through their strong capacity to organise themselves. 

2.- We train, coach and motivate the sales agents.From the moment they join our team and on a regular basis, we train our commercial agents on how to sell a specific product or service. We also teach them advanced sales techniques and closing strategies.

3.- We supervise and operate the daily tasks of each commercial agent.: Our team of sales coordinators will conduct a daily monitoring of each commercial agent’s activity, as well as supervise their sales reports on a daily basis. Furthermore, our team coordinators will solve any doubts raised in the conduct of their daily activity, validate sales made and reward the best sales agents.

4. Reporting: every week you will receive a report on each sales agent’s commercial activity, visits made, sales performed and how the agent compares with other colleagues

5.- Software de Gestión:le permitirá conocer en todo momento la actividad desarrollada por los vendedores externos que trabajan para su empresa

Benefits of Commercial Outsourcing

  • Meet your sales targets
  • Simplify the whole management process of your sales force from the selection process through to labour turnover due to a lack of sales
  • Adapt the costs and resources to the current needs of your company
  • Benefit from a sales management software that requires no investment
  • Take advantage of TKS Outsourcing Group’s comprehensive knowledge gained by advising leading sales companies.