Contact center

Our Contact Centre Services

Our Multichannel Call Centre, located in the Spanish region of Asturias, will allow you to manage your campaigns in an optimal way as it integrates all the interactions generated by the client with your company through every type of medium: phone, email, SMS, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.), FAX, points of sale, etc.

Inbound Calls

As a part of its call centre functionality, our Contact Centre provides a wide range of services such as switchboard services, product information, data verification, after-sales service, order taking, support services, complaints and call overflow.

Outbound Calls

Sales of products and services, results monitoring, sales optimisation, cross-selling of products, general and after-sales information, interview arrangements, monitoring of communications campaigns.

Consulting Service specialised in Call Centre management and divided into different areas:

  • Human Resources Area
  • Is the organisation chart adapted to the needs of the service? What are the Profiles and Tasks that each member of the team needs to perform? How motivated and involved are the operators? Who is really in charge of the leadership?

  • Processing Area
  • Are workflows correctly defined and documented? Are they known and shared by the organisation? Are scripts and manuals used? Do all team members convey the same message?

  • Systems Area..
  • Are they adapted to the actual needs of the operation? Are they efficient and do they cover all the aspects of the service? What processes are carried out on the margin of the system?

Benefits of TKS Group’s BPO Contact Centre Service

  • We built long-term relationships.We handle your clients with care and passion using our multichannel platform.
  • Guaranteed quality: We guarantee an excellent, unique and customised service..  
  • We innovate by developing new technologies to offer you the best service possible, every single day.
  • Proprietary CTI Software: TKS prides itself with its own call and contact centre software, available to the companies that need it.

Call Centre and Contact Centre for CRM

To manage your clients efficiently, you need more than a CRM. Integrating it with a CTI or contact centre software is necessary since it will enable full automation of inbound and outbound calls, emails, SMS; as well as allow you to set up calls to interested clients, record calls from accepted orders for legal validity, report the outcome of each call or operation in order to have a history of all actions taken with each client, etc.

TKS Outsourcing Group provides an integrated, all-in-one management solution for CRM and CTI, at a variable cost per call or contact made.