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Our CRM services

Your company needs more than a CRM. It needs to be able to optimally manage your contacts in order to fully take advantage of all sales and customer loyalty opportunities. TKS Outsourcing Group has the solution that your business needs.

Database Analysis and Segmentation

To get to know your clients, we design, plan, execute and measure each action you want to take towards your client base. We are experts in customer database management, through the use of email and SMS marketing, segmentation and the execution of actions.

Consulting Service

We help you get to know your customers better, increase their overall loyalty and satisfaction, increase your sales and reduce customer service costs.

More than just a CRM software

Don’t buy a CRM software. Use it.

At TKS we excel at contact management and we use the necessary technology to optimise client management and relationship building; a technology fully integrated into our multichannel platform.

Uses of our CRM solution for your business

Loyalty Incentive Programs

We specialise in designing, developing and launching loyalty and incentive programs. We provide a turn-key solution in which we take care of all the stages, from commissioning through to program management:

  • Program design.
  • Parameterisation of IT tools, which makes the cost of your CRM variable.
  • Negotiation of Partnership Agreements.
  • Design of the operational strategy of the program.
  • Communication strategy.
  • Analysis and monitoring of results.
  • Analysis and monitoring of results.

Promotion Management

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Using a CRM will help you track all ongoing promotions available to your clients, which will allow you to know the return on investment of each promotion and the impact it has on your income statement.

TKS Group’s CRM Software

It is about a custom software fully tailored to our clients’ needs. Existing CRM software (available on the market) are either too complex, often with more than 70% of their features left unused; or too simple, as the features are too limited for the majority of companies.

Our CRM Solution can be customised, according to our clients’ real needs and requirements. In general, we develop all our projects in consecutive phases, in such a way that the commissioning time is relatively short and makes it possible to quickly begin the testing of the new CRM software with its basic features.

Once the organisation has gotten accustomed to it, we start adding new features according to the user’s demands, which facilitates a better handling of our software. More repetitive or tedious tasks (arrangements of visits, data input, payment tracking, lead management, contract management, etc.) can be outsourced with TKS Outsourcing Group in order to reduce your labour costs and make them variable.

CRM for SMEs

Our CRM software is not just for big corporations. All companies, no matter how small they are, need to be able to manage their contact in a professional way. At TKS Outsourcing Group, we help you with customer relationship management through the use of an outsourced personal assistant who will take care of your agenda, deal with visits, process invoices, and so on. This way you can focus on the aspects of your business that matter the most.