software a medida

Our software development services

We develop custom software and applications that will allow our clients to optimise their processes and save a significant amount of money on the use of the technology.

  • We decide on which technology to use
  • We design and develop applications based on the client’s requirements
  • We guide our clients through their company’s digitalisation, helping them adapt the latest technology to their company’s real needs.

Benefits of custom programming

Simplify software development with our know-how and methodology, which will allow you to get the software and services your company needs

  • No initial investment: we adapt and customise necessary IT tools based on your requirements with no down payment. No software investment required.
  • Monthly pay-per-use rates: depending on users and resources used.
  • Know how propio: tecnología y personas capaces de gestionar y optimizar su procesos de negocio
  • Proprietary know-how: technology and people capable of managing and optimising your business processes
  • Time reduction

Our software for companies

If your company needs a specific custom-made software, you can rest assured that we will gladly help you in its development. We bring added value, innovative ideas and we simplify the development process in all our projects.

Below is a list of the main projects we have developed, which can be customised according to the company’s needs and are part of our BPO services.


Our CRM software solution is built to efficiently manage your current and/or potential clients.

Stock Audit

  • Inventory and Stock Control software
  • RFID Integration: reliable and homogenous handling of outsourced inventories
  • Geopositioning of auditor
  • Documentary Management
  • Reporting

Learn more about our Stock Control service.


Our Call Centre and Contact Centre Software is integrated with our CRM service and allows for an optimal management of inbound and outbound calls, call recordings, storage on durable medium, and so on.

Fleet Management software

All the information concerning your fleet accessible at any time:

  • Documentation
  • Fuel management
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Drivers
  • Mileage tracking

Learn more about our Fleet Management software.