Our debt collection service

We improve your company’s treasury by updating outstanding invoices through a professional and effective management system.

Comprehensive management of unpaid bills

We deliver full collection management from the beginning, with refunds from the first invoice up to necessary legal actions to recover the asset and the amount owed. Collecting overdue payments is possible with the TKS Group.

We improve your recovery strategy by developing debt collection projects tailored to each client through collection by phone, face-to-face or legal action.

We take care of the collection process in all its stages, from the pre-litigation phase to the judicial one. Debt collectors at TKS Group always use ethical collection methods, which allow them to maintain customer relationship as well as a good image for your company.

We look for solutions and alternatives in order to collect the unpaid bills for the company, customising collection methods to each debtor.

Consultancy on Valuation and Sale or management of debt portfolio

We analyse your debt portfolio to assess its real potential, using powerful data-mining tools applied to debt collection:

  • Know the net value of your debt portfolio, allowing you to decide whether to sell your portfolio or manage it externally to maximise your return on investment without using your own resources
  • We recruit and select buyers for your debt portfolio
  • Increase the value of your debt portfolio through an improved understanding and segmentation thereof and an optimal treatment of each segment
  • We estimate the value of your portfolio on the basis of transactions history

Recovery of unpaid assets

We manage the assessment, storage, removal and sale of all types of unpaid assets. We have at our disposal a national network of auditors who will go to the debtor’s house to check on the status of the asset, its documentation, how it was used (hours, cycles, kms, etc.) and potential damage done. A photographic and assessment report will be made for a subsequent sale, as well as a product recall, an analysis of potential buyers and closing of the sale.


  • Team of qualified professionals with more than 15 years’ experience in debt collection.
  • Management and CTI software that allows us to manage debtor’s data efficiently.
  • Debtor – Operator Assignment: the debtor will always deal with the same operator.
  • Increasing contacts with debtor at different hours and days of the week, including business days and bank holidays.
  • Identify debtor’s location through the use of external databases and private investigators.
  • Variable cost based on debtor’s collection results

Collection methods

Telephone Contact

Debt collection through intensive outbound calls, emails, letters, text messages (SMS & Whatsapp), Faxes, “burofaxes”, etc. at different hours and days of the week, business days or bank holidays. Recording of all the interactions with the client on our software for an optimal tracking of the debtor if legal actions were to be taken.

Suitable for portfolios of more than 250 invoices and debts which are less than 5 years old.

On-site visits

Network of highly qualified and experienced debt collection professionals present in every region for on-site visits in Spain and Portugal, who follow established ethical standards.

  • We obtain information and carry out field tests to better manage any possible legal action.
  • We negotiate with the client and explain the possible alternatives for the full payment of outstanding invoices, with the aim of helping them make the best decision to write off their debt.

Debt relief lawyers

Trust TKS’s legal team for the judicial management of your past-due clients. Our team of expert lawyers also relies on agreements with law offices nationwide. In parallel to the start of the legal action, we will keep on working with the client on the phone and/or face-to-face as it can - in many cases - help conclude an out-of-court agreement prior to sentencing.

We will advise you on the best course of action, in accordance with the amount of the debt and the type of debtor.