Control de flotas

Our fleet management services

Through Autoplus, a company associated with the TKS Group, we provide services aimed at managing your company’s fleet through our dedicated software and at assessing everything related to the management of Traffic fines.

Empowerment of the Eletronic Vehicle Management System (DEV)

We manage your DEV in a timely manner, by receiving all your notifications and processing them efficiently.

Driver Identification

We devise the driver identification report and provide full guarantee on correct identification.

Save money by avoiding sanctions on infringement of the duty to identify the driver.

Appeals against a fine

Our legal team, specialised in Fine Appeals, will assess and work on all advocacy options available, ranging from administrative to executory methods (i.e. defence and appeals before the Spanish Tax Agency). Team specialised in land transport.

Alert system on the Traffic Fine Bulleting Board

We track bulletin boards on a daily basis to let our clients know of any open file.

Fuel cards

Renewals, modifications, authorisation and cancellation management of your employees’ fuel cards.


  • Specialised staff for the back office management of your fleet
  • Expert legal team, trained and prepared to counsel our clients on dealing with appeals, traffic fines and land transport
  • Contact Centre to support your employees when needed

Proprietary software for Fleet Management & Control

AUTOPLUS is an interactive, intuitive and easy-to-use online platform for Fleet Management.

It is ideal for vehicle fleet managers or owners who need reports of their vehicles with a single click.

Cloud-based software to centralise information and access it on any device: smartphones, tablets, mobiles or computers.

It provides historical data which can then be exported to various formats such as Excel, PDF or CSV.

Fully customisable in accordance with the organisation of each company and the employee’s category. It can also be synchronised with the other applications of your company.

It generates reports for efficient decision making; cost per km, average consumption, TOC Control and so on, and so forth. Maintenance alerts and repairs notifications will keep you updated on the status of your vehicles.

An innovative tool to assign vehicles for specific time periods, which will in turn help with driver identification.

Responsable control de flotas

Silvia Inocencio. Area Coordinator.

Business case: NESTLE

Management of Driver Identification of Nestlé’s vehicle fleet and appeals of traffic fines



  • Digitalisation of the whole management process
  • Customisation at no cost of our software according to Nestlé’s requirements
  • Generation of monthly activity reports (top most fined, ranked by type of sanction/fine, etc.)

Human team

  • Correct Identification 100% guaranteed (We take full charge of infringements that may fall back on Nestlé due to an incorrect identification)
  • More than €30.000 saved in traffic fines
  • Elaboration of a Procedures Manual for Identification Management
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