Fuerza de ventas

Our task force service

We select, train and manage a professional, qualified and competitive sales team to help you achieve your company’s goals.

Sales team

We are experts in outsourcing your sales team on a short-term and long-term basis, for all your company’s sales or as a support in regions where they are not present yet. We adapt to each client’s needs and all types of sales models as we specialise in complex sales. We design/lay out and deploy a tailored sales force, managed by specialists with the relevant methodology.

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We specialise both in the acquisition of new points of sale for product marketing and the management your current points of sale, with the aim of increasing sales and customer loyalty.

Sales promoters

TKS Outsourcing Group relies on experienced sales promoters, specialized in selling products at different points of sale (retail, street, etc.). They are experts in seasonal promotions and related marketing actions, and will always strive to reach the company’s goals by using fair commercial practices.

Why should you opt for an outsourced sales force for your company?

Outsourcing your sales team will help achieve the long-term goals of your business. TKS Outsourcing Group’s core methodology hinges on the following pillars:

  • Analysis and Monitoring
  • Flexibility in recruitment
  • Negotiation of Partnership Agreements
  • Cost reductions
  • Increase in sales