Auditoría de Stock e Inventarios

Our stocks audit service

We provide you with a team of professional auditors as well as the latest technology to detect possible incidents when making inventories at your point of sale.

Continuous inventory control in all sales channels

Our audit and stock control service allows you to:

  • Have an optimal and updated control over your actual stock and its status in dealer networks, vehicle storage areas and points of sale.
  • Check that funded or non-funded inventories comply with contractual obligations, minimising the risks and avoiding losses as well as last-minute surprises.
  • Verify the quality of the product within the logistics chain by way of physical inspections in critical points (loading, unloading and stocking of vehicles and machines)
  • Damage expertise and management of accident reports with insurance companies

The audit and stock control service at TKS provides coverage in Spain (including the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla), Portugal, Italy, South of France and Germany.

Conduct of Inventories

Our service will allow you to know the actual stock in each and every point of sale, which will help you avoid losses due to a lack of knowledge thereof. Outsource the conducting of your inventories inventories to an independent and professional team in order to reach higher levels of productivity.

Benefits of Inventory Control with TKS

  • Real-time knowledge of the audit process and possible incidents that may arise with TKS’s in-house specific software
  • No investment on software development
  • Focus on your team’s shop sales
  • No store closure during the audit
  • Reliability and homogeneity of outsourced inventories
  • Integration with client’s IT solution
  • Cost control
  • Own network of auditors in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Germany

Our solutions

Vehicle and industrial/agricultural machinery stock audits

Every month we visit more than 2.500 points of sale and check more than 25.000 chassis numbers. We provide our clients, for free, with the VIN Exchange service. This service is designed to cross-check chassis number databases from all financial institutions in order to avoid the double financing of vehicles. Our system will check if one or multiple vehicle identification numbers are already funded by another financial institution. Improve risk management with the services of TKS Outsourcing Group.

Inventories at points of sale

To make the inventory, we check the existing units for each reference in the different channels. Always know the actual stock you have in your storage facility and optimise the sales of the products in your inventory.

Inventories at points of sale are aimed at supermarkets and department stores that need to update the stock control of their company’s warehouses.